2 for 15

I went 2 for 15 today. In baseball I would not be around long. As a baseball player I would need to work on my average. But it still was a good day. A busy day. I did not get as much paperwork done as I had hoped. I started the day with 15 things on my to do list for paperwork for the center. I finished 2.

Today I felt like a fireman. I spent the day dealing with issue and crisis after crisis. I put out fires all day. In many cases I helped to keep all of them from getting bigger.

I dealt with my maintenance team finding parts needed for repairs and helped to connect him with the people with the projects. No big deal.

Provided a tent for a homeless person who has been helping at the center. He makes great fry bread.

We have a group in the house for an immersion. We had a small hiccup but quickly got it worked out. Off they went. Then they were back with the speaker. No problem, right? Oh, wait, the kitchen staff did not save lunch. So, Pizza Hut here I come.

Multiple phone calls later.

I found out that my cook’s daughter had fallen down the stairs. She was off to check on her. This left us scrambling for the community dinner. Soon this was sorted out. But off to the store I go to pick up hot dogs for dinner.

Two families came in, with a crisis for electric bills. After speaking with them and a council rep we were able to help them.

A phone call from the funeral home and I am now doing a funeral this weekend.

Ran into a former employee and was able to catch up a little but she wants to schedule a time to talk.

A problem with one of the vans. Had staff break off the locking gas cap. Then fill it with gas.

Had a meeting with the visiting team and arranged to have a guide go with them to the Black hills and Wind Cave on Wednesday.

Another trip to the store to get the parts to finish up a plumbing project for a family.

Brief meeting with one of our cultural guides, who popped in.

We were short staffed for kids’ time and so I ended up driving the van to pick up the kids. It was neat to have the kids excited to see me. And many of them asked where Henry was. Walking Tacos were a hit.

Had a staff issue.

Pulled into the center’s parking lot to have multiple ambulances blocking the other exit. The gentleman was safely taken to the hospital.

Had conversations with some homeless people looking for help. They really wanted to be heard.

Some follow up emails and texts and I could head home. Ran into some homeless people which led to more conversations.


Fires successfully put out for the day. Even if only 2 of the 15 things I wanted to do got done. There is always tomorrow. People first.

God loves you. And so did I.

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