What this is about!

Greetings from Pine Ridge South Dakota. This blog is more of a journal for me. Who am I? I am Pastor Dan. I am a pastor on the Pine Ridge Reservation where I am the director of the Reconciliation Center. (PineridgeReconciliationcenter.org) I minister to and with the Lakota People of the Oglala Tribe. I am a third career pastor having been in engineering, sales ministry before I felt the call from God to become a Pastor in the ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I arrived in Pine Ridge in July of 2020 to become the director of the center. I am married and my beautiful wife is living with me on the reservation. My 3 wonderful kids are back in St Louis.

Living with us in Pine Ridge are 4 Rez dogs that adopted us. Momma Dog, Star Baby, Boomerang and Pepe. Pictures will be coming, and they bring joy to our lives.

But the main thing is the people. I have met some of the best people ever and they have changed my life. The older I get the more I realize that it is the people and experiences that should matter most.

As time goes on, I will tell you tales from the reservation. Tales about the People we meet, my family, my work church life, and tales of the beauty I see around me every day. You are welcome to come along for the journey.

The Center

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  1. Dan, due to the pandemic we’ve met only briefly face to face. We share a love for the Lakota people and their culture. I look forward to hearing more about your ministry and your experiences on and around the Reservation. My prayers continue for the Oglala Lakota people and for you.

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