WWJD or should it be DIKJWETKWJWD?

For a while, braclets and other items were hot in the Christian world embracing the WWJD. I thought of this the other day when was unable or unwilling to help someone. They like to try and guilt me into helping. I often hear words like “I thought you were a Pastor?” Or “What would Jesus do?”

I get upset when people say this to me. Usually, they are trying to guilt me into doing what they want.

Normally, I can laugh it off.

But this is a common issue. It happens every day. Often, people in all walks of life think about this phrase. And in some ways, it is good. I like that people want to do what Jesus wants us to do. They want to do good things.

Sometimes, people try to push their agenda an use Jesus to justify their actions.

But often, their decisions, their position is biased and has nothing to do with Jesus’s actions. So I usually think DYKJWETKWJWD. Or Do You KnowJ esus Well Enough To Know What Jesus Would Do?

Now, I do not think I am perfect. I mess up all the time. But, I try to think about what Jesus would do. I do not claim that I am always right. So. I try to learn as much about Jesus as I can. So that I can know what Jesus would do in any situation.

Jesus does not always do what we think he would do. Often, he does the opposite. He did not cone as a baby to dominate the world. Yet he changed the world. We have a habit of trying to put Jesus into a box of our design. To have Jesus do what WE want Jesus to do. We put restrictions on Jesus. We say Jesus is all powerful, but we don’t count on Him coming through. We rely on our own powers.


Learn about Jesus. He focused on bringing people back into the community. He was with the outcasts, the ones others shunned. WWJD, he would feed the hungry, house the homeless, comfort the sick, and Love us all.

God loves you, and so do I.

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