I really like zoos. I have joked that if I ever won a big lottery I would do like in the movie “We Bought a Zoo.” Well, maybe not to that extent and with 5 dogs and a cat, some would say that Jackie lives in a zoo.

But zoos and animals in general are a happy place for me. Now it has to be a nice zoo. A place that genuinely cares for the animals, giving them a good life. Things to do places to explore. It does not have to be a large zoo. But I am glad that zoos have moved away from the animals in cages as a method. Habitat is important.

Polar Bears are my favorite animals. The St Louis Zoo opened a new exhibit for polar bears, and they did a fantastic job. There is a video out from a zoo in Buffalo, NY, which shows a bear going out into multiple feet of snow and it was playing and rolling, jumping, and diving into the snow.

I like the behind-the-scenes shows of zoos. I have found shows on the Bronx, Columbus, Tampa ND a zoo in Australia. And a show on Disney Animal Kingdom.

I encourage you to take the time to visit a zoo. There are many great zoos. You can really get close to the wide variety of creatures that God has blessed us with.

3 responses to “Zoo.”

  1. I need that ! I could be loved by the dogs and snuggled with the cat. Life is so simple if you let it be so.


  2. Earth itself is like a zoo too.. others have called it the Living Library. It has DNAs from all over the Universe. 😇


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