Simple Things

One of the coolest things I get to do at the center is watching the reactions of the kids when they come visit for Kid’s Time. It is simple things that make them happy. And the excitement of many of them when they enter the building is fun.

We work with all levels of kids. From 5 to late teens. And as the kids get older, we give them some chance to grow and to care for the younger kids. The littles look up to the bigs.

At Kid’s time we have no agenda beyond caring for and about the kids. We do not try to convert them. We do not ask anything out of them other than good behavior and showing respect to each other. And to have fun.

We feed the kids twice a week. Last night it was spaghetti with fruit. And on the other nights we have an activity and a snack. Tonight, was popcorn and a movie. (It was one hundred degrees out).

As the kids get older, we offer trips. We took groups to Outlaw ranch, to a pow wow, to Evan’s Plunge and bowling. We try to give them experiences.

Our goal is to help the kids know that they matter. That they have a future. That they know that people care about them. The staff we have is incredible.

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