Spring has sprung in South Dakota. Which of course means we have green fields, birds, and budding trees. So going with the theme of Man plans and ….

We have SNOW in the forecast for Monday. Not a lot scheduled. But last weekend we were only supposed to get a dusting and ended up with over 6″ of snow.

But we take the warmer weather when we can. We enjoy the sunshine. I took half a day off on Thursday. I met Jackie for some Pakistani food in Hot Springs. It was delicious. I then headed up into Wind Cave National Park and Custer State park for some time in nature. It is awesome to look a bull Bison in the eye, from the safety of your car, (Do Not pet the fluffy cows.)

Nature refreshes me. I hiked along a portion of the Centennial Trail. I truly enjoyed sitting on a dock on one of the lakes soaking up the sun.

One response to “Sprung!”

  1. Dick & Sandy Rollis Avatar
    Dick & Sandy Rollis

    Pastor Dan;

    What a blessing you are for the Native Americans at Pine Ridge Reservation.
    You are always in our prayers.
    God Bless ! šŸ˜‡


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