Anyone who has been in a youth group with me knows that they were not allowed to get hurt, be dumb, get in trouble or anything that would cause me to need to do paperwork. Because: “Pastor Dan does not like paperwork.”

I tend to be a big picture person. I understand concepts quicker than most. I can see many sides of a problem. When it comes to the finances of an organization, I see the trends and issues quickly. I can lead people well and make decisions quickly when needed and change on the fly when called for. I can calm a situation.

But I hate paperwork.

It is the detail work. The little things that get to me. Dotting i’s and crossing t’s takes it out of me. Record keeping is not my gift. I know this.

In the book “Strength Finder” it talks about building upon your strengths. To often people focus on their weaknesses. This does not work. The author argues that we should focus on our strengths.

When I accepted the call to Pine Ridge, I did not think that so much of my time would involve paperwork. I rather be spending my time with the kids in our youth program, or like I did this evening interacting with the people in front of our center. Or working with the job corps repairing things in the community. This is where I am gifted.

But alas I spend more time behind my desk doing paperwork. Bookkeeping for the synod, creating contracts for our Immersion groups. Attempting to fund raise. Keeping track of the Grant. This is not the best use of my gifts. Rather it is a necessary evil that I must do to keep the center running.

I am hoping to be able to carve out some time to do more big picture planning. To look to the future of the ministry of the center. I want to spin off the Job Corp or perhaps the whole ministry. I would like to create a mentoring program for young adults which would be a natural extension of the Kid’s MInistry.

But back to paperwork I go.

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