Holy Monday

There is a reason most churches are closed on the Monday after Easter. The staff is worn out. They need rest. They need a break. Likely they need a nap.

Most pastors spend 10-20 hours a week preparing for a sermon. Imagine the added time to craft a meaningful message for each worship service. Add in the general preparation of the worship space for each of the different worship services. The wear and tear of leading each service. Add in the stress of the week and the expectations given both by the importance of the week and that they often put upon themselves.

The stress of leading a church is strong. For every positive comment you hear 10 negative comments. And the negative comments are more detailed. And the truth is the negative comments stick with us. They hurt.

I want to encourage you to send a note to your pastor thank them for what they do. Be specific. If you are saying something at the door on the way out, mention something about the service you particularly liked.

Some of the highlights in my career are when people quote something I said. Once I had a member tell me that she put into practice my suggestion to pray right then and there when you say you will pray for someone. Another was from this weekend. I mentioned that the Tomb of Christ was opened, not so that Christ could get out, but so that the witnesses could get in. I was told in a Facebook post that they had never thought about the open tomb that way.

We do not become ministers to get accolades, but it certainly helps to know we are making a difference. Most of what we accomplish is unseen. We plant seeds that we hope come to fruit in the future.

Spend some time, connect with your pastor, she will appreciate it. He can use the support. Send a note. Write a letter. Drop off a snack. Offer to watch the kids. Give a gift card to a restaurant. Show them some appreciation.

God loves them, God love you. So do I.

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