It was a Quiet day

Sort of.

Today was not as chaotic as yesterday but it had its own brand of fun.

The good news is my doctor’s visit went well. I visited an orthopedic doctor about my shoulders. After x-rays and an exam, I have arthritis in my shoulders. Mild but still. More stretches and movement.

Some shopping for the center and picking up a new phone for the center.


Then heading back to PR.

I arrived to find that the unused parsonage had a pipe break flooding the basement. My staff took care of stopping the damage. And we had an incident at the center with the day shelter. The police were called, and we moved on.

Dinner was something I was looking forward to today. I made stuffed peppers. But dinner was interrupted with an issue with getting Jackie into her hotel. Long story short do NOT use Days Inn.

Dinner was good and I had some time with the dogs! But it is time for bed. Good night all and remember that God loves you!

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