Christmas and charity.

Durning the month of December there are all sorts of options for people in Pine Ridge to get help. We receive a lot of supplies and even gift cards to give to the Kids Time families. It is an enjoyable time at the center.

Then January comes around. Things dry up.

This is my reminder that people need help throughout the year. Hungry kids do not stop being hungry simply because Christmas has passed. The homeless still need to be sheltered and fed. Propane bills still come in the mail. Winter is a demanding time on the reservation. The needs are still there.

While donations dry up not all of them do.

I spoke at a Community Lutheran and they supported the Lakota people with over $2000.00. Other churches have sent in $500 or more. Recently I was at a Safeway store and was buying a large amount of candy hearts for the Kid’s program. During the checkout, the clerk commented on the amount of candy. I explained why I was buying so much candy.

This led to a conversation about the center and ministry we offer. The clerk asked for more information since his sister lives in town. We talked a little longer and as I was preparing to pay the guy who was bagging my purchases told the clerk to enter a code to give us a $5.00 discount.

Every bit helps.

With the energy fund being low on funds, we were excited to receive 2 checks that will allow us to help some additional families. Thanks to Smokey Hills United Methodist church in the Denver area and to the other generous supporters.

We are blessed with supporters to remember us throughout the year not just on the holidays. I encourage you to support at Christmas and throughout the year. It is a way to show others that God loves them. And so, do I.

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