Normal stuff

You never know what will happen. Today was the final day of 5 that I did my best to take some time off. While I avoided the center that does not mean work did not intrude. But, not too bad.

The day started with a call from a bride to be who asked me to perform her wedding ceremony in September. After some chores around the house, we headed out. The plan was to go to a coffee house in Chadron. After some time in front of the fire with some wonderful coffee and delicious biscuits and gravy I ran a couple of quick errands.

One text from an employee explaining her absence, her grandfather died, and a couple email replies, and I was able to enjoy the coffee house with Jackie and the coffee house cat Toddy.

On the way home I was pulled over, for speeding. The officer claimed I was driving in the mid 70’s in a 65 zone. I must wonder if my Pine Ridge plates may have anything to do with being pulled over. The officer was nice and did appreciate that I pulled off onto a side road to keep him safe. I did get a written warning. This is the 4th time I have been pulled over since I moved here. So far, 3 warnings and 1 ticket.

The rest of the day went as expected. I was thrilled to see a couple of checks in the mail to help further the ministry of the center. We can only help people with the support we receive.

I did investigate some doctors this afternoon and need to schedule a couple of visits. My shoulder is bothering me on a regular basis, and I need to have it checked out.

Otherwise, it was a day of laundry and normal household stuff.

Tonight, I cooked some porkchops for dinner which we enjoyed in front of the fire. With the dogs making me feel guilty for not sharing. You try eating with 4 hungry dogs make you feel guilty. Then I worked off the porkchops for 20 minutes on the windmill.

Somedays are quiet. And quiet can be nice. I would not want it every day but somedays God slows us down to let us listen to God’s voice. Today I was reassured that I am in the right place. That God called me here and I am doing good work.

God love you and so do I.

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