Years ago, I read a book in which the author said that he knew his life was out of control when his car was a mess. I was thinking about this today. Both my desks were messes. Actually, both my home office and center office were chaotic and out of control.

Earlier this week the center staff and I discussed reorganizing the center. Our mission is still the same, but our tatics have changed. We are doing more than ever. There is something happening every day. Many times , we just adjusted and did what we had to do to make things work.

This week, we stepped back and looked at the big picture. We are reorganizing the center to better live into the current reality. We are building a new room and more storage. We are relocating items to make things flow better. We are clearing the clutter. There are times in life when you need to pause and sharpen the saw; or to clean your desk.

It is an exciting time at the center. We are busy. It can be hard to find the time to sharpen the saw. But it is important. We have hired a new full-time employee, which takes a huge burden off of me! And we are intentionally pausing the kids’ time program for a week. To get ready for the summer. Has hard as it can be, it is important to pause and reassess what you are doing, understanding why you are doing it, and how to best do it.

I spent time today clearing my desk. Organizing my files and getting ready for a great Immersion season. We will welcome 100’s of people to the center and help them to better understand native American people and issues. It is how we can show people that God loves them and so do I.

One response to “Chaos”

  1. Richard Rollis Avatar
    Richard Rollis

    God Bless you and the staff for all your work 😇


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