It is amazing how much stuff we go through each week. Feeding 60+ twice a day. Feeding 65 plus kids twice a week with food packs handed out to each kid. Coffee all day and into the evening. Laundry 7 days a week. Many many showers each day. We are visited often by UPS, FedEx and the post office. All on top of Walmart and Sam’s Club runs adding to the products we purchase locally.

In a typical week it is easy to use: 8-10 cans of coffee per week. 1000’s bowls, plates, spoons, and forks. Coffee cups? Wow many per day, even with the attempts to reuse.

Food? We go through close to $2000.00 per week in food including snacks. This is in addition to the donated food we have received. We serve good meals. Solid meals. Yes, we make soups, but we have also made roasts, casseroles, BLT sandwiches, jambalaya, and other dishes that our cooks prepare.

Blankets. Socks and diapers go out almost before we get them. We must buy laundry detergent, shampoo, and conditioner in bulk.

It is worth it. People are alive, safe, and cared for by the incredible staff that I equip.

We can only do it with support from many people. We get donations daily. Thank you. The tribe provides the use of Billy Mills Hall for the night shelter. The ELCA World Hunger for operational grants. The South Dakota Synod of the ELCA for sponsoring the ministry at the center. The Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota for partnering with us to do this work.

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