A bad good day?

Yesterday was a good day.

The weather was nice. We provided Pizza to the shelter guests for lunch. Which was well received and appreciated. We had no issues to deal with at the shelter. We actually had a light load until the pizza arrived.

With the pizza, we did not have to cook so, we took advantage of the break to do a deep clean in the kitchen. Mary even pulled out the stove to clean it completely. Shelves, chairs, and tables were all moved to clean and scrub the floor. We removed items that we no longer use.

Laundry was done. Showers taken. People were safe and warm.

I wrote 2 letters of support. I had an interview.

The youth team is off-site for the weekend. Staff retreat and planning. Even if they left late.

It was a good day. Yet, I was not happy. I realized this while I walked to the post office. I could not figure it out. I was not waiting for something bad to happen.

I was able to discuss it with Virgil.

I was sad because yesterday was the exception. It was the odd day. Good days do not happen often enough. They should be the standard, not the exception. It is what we are working toward.

We will get there.

One response to “A bad good day?”

  1. Continue praying for more good days than bad. It is a challenge for us all and for you with so many people looking to you for guidance.


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