Life Skills.

There are certain skills in life that you may think most people know how to do. But I am finding this to not be true. Most skills in life are taught. If you have no one to teach you, you will struggle.

I say this because I find myself in a bind with some of my employees.  I do not know if they have a certain knowledge or not.  If I assume they don’t and tell them how to do something I can offend them. On the other hand if I assume that they do know how to do something I risk it not being done or done wrong or I can embarrass them.

Often I will check with them to make sure they are comfortable with the request before sending them out. And many times I am surprised at their solution to the issue.

But often, I find myself teaching basic skills. Budgeting, cooking, cleaning techniques,  etc. Simple things like how and why to can the filters on the vacuum or furnace. How some basic tools work. Skills that I was taught by my family.

On the reservation, many basic skills are not passed in families. Simply because often the older generation was not taught by their elders because of the damage done by the boarding schools. We ripped children away from the family and raised them in an institution. Traditionally native children are raised by many relatives who passed on life lessons. Think about how you were taught basic skills.

Sadly, this is  a big issue around the country.  There is a  series of YouTube videos of dad lessons. Short videos of lessons a dad normally teaches. They are popular and informative. 

I was lucky enough to have 2 guys in my life who invested time in me. But, I also had a mom who made sure I could take care of a house and grandparents and aunts and uncles and others who taught me by example.

None of us are truly self-taught nor self-reliant. We all need others to teach us along the way. To give us a start or to guide us as we go.

I am fortunate to still have mentors and guides in my life. People who help me grow and learn. Who help me along the path of life faster and further than I would be on my own.

Who do you have in your life? Who are you teaching?

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