I spent 17 years in warehouse management and logistics. I sold bar coding systems. I saw good warehouses and bad. I was assured at one place that they sent things through so quickly that first in first out was not an issue. Only to go to the warehouse to see 3 pallets of product that was past by date.

Now, I am sitting in a hospital where they have the logistics of moving patients around the different services down to a science. If all of our medical care worked like this place…..we would be leading the world in quality of care. The place? The Mayo Clinic. I am impressed.

From the moment we pulled up, we were greeted by friendly people all here to ensure a good patient experience. We were helped from the car and led into the building. When we asked for directions we were led to the elevator, and further directions were clearly given. Later when we asked how to get to a different building, the person led us to the building.

On the healthcare side, the systems shared the information, allowing us to safely and efficiently see as many appointments as we could in the same visit but taking into account what else we were doing. For example, scheduling the foot CT before the foot surgeon.

I hope you never need to visit this place. But if you do, please know that you will be cared for as an individual. All health care should be this way. Working together for the best interest of the patient.

God loves the people here. And God loves you.

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  1. So thankful you had the best experience possible. Praying for so many answers
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