High and Low

I will start with the comment that I dislike the terms “High church” and “Low church”. It is church. Usually, it is used to determine how formal the worship service is each week.  With High church being formal, robes, stoles, processing in and out.

Both styles have their place. Both are worship. And it truly is about worship. Both offer you a chance to connect with God, and each other. And if one style speaks to you; go for it. Enjoy it.

I can lead either style, I think do both styles well. I enjoy aspects of each style. I like the pomp that comes with High Church. I can enjoy the bells and smells of this style. I look good in the Robes. JK.

Yet I connect with the gospel in informal worship (I refuse to call it Low Church.) I picture casual worship closer to what the original church worships were. In a house in a small setting with all sorts of people. House churches built this faith. Why have we moved away from this model? I am not a fan of the very large worship. (I know that this speaks to some people.)

I like connecting with the people in worship. I like being among the people. Breaking down the barriers between the congregation and myself. The people should be leading worship, all aspects of worship. All ages should have a role in leading worship. (If we want to see youth in worship; they need to see youth leading worship.)

I mention this because I recently hosted seminary students for an immersion experience. During our closing worship I invited the students to offer a prayer. Listening to each of the prayers I was moved by the range of ways they addressed God. Some used simple terms and others used churchy terms. I was reminded that there are diverse ways to approach God. Some are more comfortable with formal words; others use familiar words.

However, you approach God is up to you. There is no one right way. Know that God wants to know you and God loves you. And so do I.

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