My first experience at the center was 5 years ago. I came for a seminary course on Native Americans for my cross cultural requirement for seminary. J-term is the catch all expression for courses in January. I would like to say I took the course because I was drawn to the topic. Truthfully, I chose it because of the cost and the duration.

I pulled into town with my check engine light flashing and the engine sputtering.

I arrived with the history of America as taught in school and shown in movies. I would soon learn how wrong I was. I would learn the truth.

I was blessed to meet many many wonderful people. From Basil, Kelly and Susie, Darrin, and so many more. It was an incredible experience. Two local guys fixed my truck. In the parking lot. In the snow.

One night we had the chance to attend a Pow Wow in a neighboring town. The dancers were beautiful. The music was moving. They even made me dance. The color guard opened the night. On the way back to the center we stopped on the side of the road to see the amazing display of stars!

My time at the Reconciliation Center changed me in many ways. It opened my eyes to issues I did not know about. I learned that some of my preconceived opinions were wrong. I met people I never.

I am now running the Reconciliation Center and leading the J-term class. I hope that others will be changed ad I was. Maybe not to the point that they come here but changed to know that God loves all of us.

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  1. Lynda Pietruszka Avatar
    Lynda Pietruszka

    Amen and Aaaaaaamen!!


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