A pastor friend of mine once posted that you should not come home from work tired. While I understand what he is saying I disagree, at least a little. Sometimes work does wear you out. Even when you love what you are doing.

Now I am not saying you should come home drained, yet sometimes your labors take all that you have. Which is why self care is important. And sometimes the situation demands extended effort.

Pine Ridge recently found itself in the middle of 2 weeks of horrible weather. First, a 4 day blizzard hit the town, and the nature said hold my beer and hit the town with actual air temperatures in the -40 range and multiple days in which the temperature did not crack zero. During the worst of the blizzard, only essential services and 2 entities stayed open. Big Bats and us.

During the height of snow, we had 48 people in the shelter. In addition to our homeless family we also had those that could not get out of town. Through it all the Job Corp of the center and our partner Iglutheca kept people, warm, safe and fed. Hot meals still happened and showers were still offered. Some of the dedicated staff cjose to stay in the building in order to insure that the homeless would be cared for each day.

My Christmas was spent with the community. They were expressivly grateful for the care and love.

The truth of the matter is I only play a small part in this program. We could not fo it alone. Without the love and support of Iglutheca, the SD synod of the ELCA, the ELCA itself, the SD Diocese, and the tribe we would have lost more people.

On top of the work of running the shelter, other important work continues. The energy matching fund has been busier than I have ever seen. Already, we have given out over $25,000 in funds. Yesterday over 50 families were helped. This week the kids time program resumed after the weather caused break. I had a funeral. You know he normal stuff.

Additionally we are getting offers of support every day. The Red Cross and Feeding South Dakota are offering help. Many churches have sent funds.

Yes, I come home tired. It has been a month since a full day off. It is a good tired and I feel joy at what we have been able to accomplish. We are showing people God’s love without saying a word.

Tomorrow, I am off. I think I will nap, cuddle with the dogs, and enjoy time with Jackie. In reverse order.

Remember that God loves you.

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