Cold night

It turned dangerously cold last night. I woke to a temperature of -2. Cold. The type of cold which can kill. The kind that can quickly cause harm, particularly to exposed skin or under dressed people.

Last night we had a shelter open.

Thanks to a partnership with the tribe, the ELCA, and our friend Abram and Igluteca, we were able to provide a safe place for over 20 people. A place with heat, food, and safety.

Yesterday continued an amazing outpouring of support. Pastor Kris collected blankets, hats, and food and took the 4 hour round-trip to Pine Ridge to deliver the supplies. Our friend Trudy collected supplies at her school, and yesterday, 14 boxes arrived! Hats gloves, shoes, jackets, and sweatshirts!

Food. Yesterday, we served Sloppy Joe’s and fried chicken for lunch. Then our neighbors brought over pans of potato salad, beans, veggies, and bread. Last night, Virgil and his friends from Rapid City provided a sit-down hot meal.

Because of all of this support, 20+ people not only survived the night, they know that people care about them. They can work on solutions to end homelessness.

If you would like to help, we need funds to purchase supplies and food and to pay local people to help run the shelter. You can message me at or go to our website

God loves these people like God loves you. And so do I.

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