Election Day

Today is election day in America. Tomorrow, we get a slight break from political ads. But politics will continue. Later tonight and for the next few days we will hear analysis of the results.

I am happy that I no longer get live TV. The ads have been less invasive. But I know get emails and text messages offering a way to sway my vote. My mailbox had multiple flyers.

To listen to the ads no one is worth voting for.

It is important that we vote. To many sit it out. Yet many of them will complain about the political ways. The politicians. And that is their right. But today, they have a chance to determine who is selected to represent them.

I enjoy a good discussion but, it seems n one wants to discuss the issues. It seems that the only response for many is the talking points or the buzz words and expressions.

Earlier today, I shared a brief video about being an election judge. I did not and do not take a side. Yet the only comment was from someone I do not know who accused me of rigging the election. No discussion just an accusation.

I watched hundreds of people vote today. I am happy to play a role.

Go vote. I did.

One response to “Election Day”

  1. Thank you serving at the election today. It was my pleasure and exhaustion to serve and allow people the freedom to vote their conscience. Why can’t we just be Americans ? If your neighbors votes and you don’t agree there is no reason to be ugly. It is so important to allow people to think for themselves and let others do likewise. Today in Missouri we are voting about legalizing Marijuana for recreational use. I will not share my thoughts but hope everyone will be civil about it. As for the political adds they have been so very negative I wondered which candidate was the better choice. I don’t vote a straight ticket but have found some interesting people on each side to vote for. Pastor Dan may you be blessed today and always

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