I remember in seminary the conversations we had about confirmation. Many of my classmates dreaded teaching confirmation. Before I continue, I need to explain what confirmation is. In many protestant denominations we have a dedicated time in which we ask, typically mid school aged, kids to spend time learning the basics of their faith on a deeper level. Most programs have time in the bible and the catechism year in which the students learn about Martin Luther’s small catechism.

We teach them the basics of the Lord’s prayer, The 10 Commandments, and the Apostles Creed. I spent 4 years at Atonement teaching the Catechism year to the 8th grade students at the school. 3 days a week and a chapel service. This is after teaching confirmation at my previous church for 8 years.

Now the truth is in teaching confirmation to middle school age kids is like working with lawyers. They will look for every loophole there is. And many times, they do not want to be in the class. Often, they are there because their parents tell them they must be there. It can make for a stressful class.

Over time I have learned technics to keep the students engaged. Most often it is in meeting them where they are. Working with them at their level. And being open to their questions.

In my time at Custer Lutheran Fellowship this year I have the privilege of teaching confirmation on Wednesday nights. I am having a blast. The kids are engaged and the adults that are hanging out have asked good questions. I am blessed with the previous pastor’s choice of curriculum for the class. And it was created by a friend of mine. Thank you PC!

Confirmation can be an enjoyable time. We get to help kids know that God Loves them and so do you.

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