Last night I was invited to lead worship and confirmation at Custer Lutheran Fellowship. It was a wonderful experience. They start with a young kids program, followed by dinner, worship and then confirmation.

I skipped dinner choosing to eat dinner with Jackie in Custer beforehand. We ate at the Custer Wolf. It was yummy and they have great food and excellent Bread Pudding.

I kissed my wife goodbye and went to CLF. I was warmly received and after a cup of coffee, don’t tell me it was decaf, worship began. Each Wednesday they have a rotation of worship styles. Last night it was prayer around the cross. Which I love. If you have never experienced it you should. After a brief message from me, we had a time in which people could come to a cross on the floor, light a candle and place it in the sand. While this is happening some prayerful songs are quietly sung and the lights are turn down. It is a peaceful prayerful time.

After worship it was confirmation time. It was a talkative group and I had fun. I believe that the kids had fun too. Afterwards I stopped in the office and had a brief conversation with Mary.

Finally I headed out to my truck. Now Custer Lutheran Fellowship is outside of the community of Custer. And while it was a crisp night it was a clear night. It was a quiet night. I sat on my truck just taking in the quiet.

The day before I took a visitor to Badlands National Park, South unit, which is less visited. I invited him to just be still and listen to the sound of the wind, the birds, the grass.

After sitting on my truck, I headed to Wall SD to spend the night before heading to Pierre for meetings. I drove through the North End of Custer State Park. I am only 1 other car once I entered the park in the first 10 miles.

I decided to stop. My life is busy. Quiet is valuable and in short supply. I pulled of at a spot I knew has water. I sat for about 10 minutes listening for God to speak to me. It was a precious time. I loved it, my soul craved it. When I got back in my truck I kept the radio off. I enjoyed the quiet.

Today I am in meetings all day about the grants we have to address homeless peoples needs. It has been informative and time well spent, see my post on my opinion of meetings. But during the lunch break I left the group. I sat outside listening to the wind snapping the flag and hearing the birds.

I invite you to find some quiet place to pause and listen to the world around you. To hear the quiet voice of the spirit telling you that God Loves You! And remember so do I.

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