I have been accused of hating meetings. That is not entirely true. I am all for productive meetings that have results. That accomplish something. That need to happen.

I have attended many good meetings where decisions are made after quality discussions. Where ideas are exchanged, shared, and decided upon. I think meetings are a great way to share information IF there may be questions or a need for clarification. I think meetings are fine if there is a point to the meeting, a reason to get together.

At Atonement I was known for canceling meetings. I do not think that just because it is the 3rd Tuesday of the month and “we always meet on the third Tuesdays” is a reason to meet. If you have nothing to discuss or decide upon why meet? If all you are doing is sharing information, you do NOT need to meet.

One of my close friends, Lyndsie and her husband Stephan, bought me a sign for my office. It speaks to me. It says: “I survived another meeting at could have been an email.” They benefited from my opinion on meetings.

People are too busy to waste time in useless meetings.

God loves you even if you like meetings. And so do I.

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