Pastor Vicar Dan

Last night I had the honor and pleasure to help at a church where the Pastor is out on a medical leave. For the first time in over two years, I had the privilege of teaching a confirmation class. Before class I was invited to a meal of pulled pork and led the Wednesday Night worship service.

Introducing myself to the class and parents reminded me of my time at Atonement. I started at Atonement doing my internship. I was given the name of Vicar instead of Intern Pastor. I liked the title Vicar. As I started, I decided to be Vicar Dan instead of Vicar Johnson.

In my first class with the 8th graders, I introduced myself and asked if anyone knew what vicar meant. One student said it was like in Hunger Games I was the Victor. LOL. I was Vicar Dan for two years until I accepted the position of Associate Pastor. I believe that many of the students during that time though my name was Vicar Dan. When I started I never thought I would be called to Atonement.

When I was ordained as the Pastor, I thought I would be known as Pastor Dan. But I earned a new title. I was Pastor Vicar Dan. Slowly I became Pastor “D” to my class the second year. And Pastor Dan to the adults. I missed the Pastor Vicar name.

I asked my class one day if anyone knew what my real name was. No one knew my last name.

On the reservation I am Pastor Dan. A few will call me Pastor “D”. I like it. But the name I like best is child of God.

God loves you and so do I.

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