Okay Sunflowers.

Yesterday I was on my way to a meeting about 30 minutes from home. As I drove, I passed field after field of blooming sunflowers. I saw a wide variety of sunflowers. Large, small, just fields of flowers in some places on both sides of the road as far as you can see.

South Dakota is one of the largest producers of Sunflowers in the country. This time of year, it is beautiful in the area. Today I did a Walmart run for the center. On the way there I found fields of flowers. I pulled over and spent some time enjoying the waving of the flowers.

I started to think of all the times I chewed sunflower seeds in my life. At ball parks, on road trips, on hikes. Sunflowers are a staple at the ballpark. And in my years of traveling in sales I would pick up seeds for a snack while driving. Now there are a variety of flavored seeds available. I have tried many. But there is something about plain roasted and salted seeds that speaks to me.

I will admit that I prefer the fields of sunflowers to fields of corn.

I am continually amazed at the things that God has shown me since we moved here. I encourage you to take the time for a drive thru farm fields and enjoy the bounty around us.

God loves you and so do I.

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