I miss my kids.

On my way to Columbus for a churchwide meeting and leadership retreat, Jackie and I were able to visit our son Sam at his summer camp, Red Arrow Camp, in Northern Wisconsin. I particularly wanted to make this trip because Sam is preparing for a year in service with the ELCA in Senegal in Africa.

Now don’t get me wrong, I miss all 3 of my kids. I last saw Nick and Sam in Denver on their way back to St Louis from a multi week trip around the west. The hugs helped. Before they visited us on the first leg of this trip, I had not seen the boys since June of 2021 at my mom’s funeral. I have not seen my daughter Emily since May of 2021.

Leaving the kids behind was the hardest part of the move to Pine Ridge.

I have been involved in the lives of the kids since 2007. They are my kids. I have enjoyed watching them grow into the fine young people they have become. I am not in a hurry but, some day they will have kids of their own and I look forward to seeing them become parents.

I am proud of all 3 kids. They all have done things with their lives that are hard. And they are all thriving. Sam is part of the Young Adults in Global Mission with the ELCA and will receive training before going to spend a year in Senegal. This is a big undertaking for him. If you would like more information or to support Sam, please look for his name Sam Susina on the following web page: https://community.elca.org/yagm/give?_ga=2.36338981.429141482.1660091670-2106098926.1649220826

I know Sam will thrive in Africa. But I will miss him. The good news is that I know that GOD loves him and So do I.

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