I love to travel. Luckily so does Jackie. One of the thoughts we had in moving to South Dakota was the idea that we would be close to so many beautiful places to visit. We live near the black hills and have 2 national parks (Badlands and Wind Cave) 3 national monuments (Scottsbluff, Jewel Cave and Mount Rushmore) within a couple of hours of home. We regularly drive through the Badlands.

My mom loved to travel and travelled extensively throughout her life. She rode on the back of my stepfather’s motorcycle across the country. She travelled up until COVID shut the world down. I had the joy of spending a weekend in New York with her and she is the one to introduce me to the wonders of Disney World taking me there the year it opened.

Last year my mom passed away. Yes, it was sad and yes, I miss her but she was able to live her life her way staying independent until the end.

When mom passed away, she left us a small inheritance. Jackie and I took part of that money and purchased a used 1999 RV. We look forward to being able to spend time touring the country taking the back roads and seeing the less seen places.

Earlier this year we had a reason to spend some time in southern Utah, Jackie had a photography conference. We were able to spend time at several national parks. (Zion and Bryce) As Jackie continued her trip to St Louis, I was able to visit 2 more national parks adding Capitol Reef and Arches.

This fall we hope to add Yellowstone and Grand Tetons national parks.

We are working on the RV to bring it up to travel condition and hope to use it for a short get a away this year with longer trips in the future. Thanks, mom, for your love and for instilling in me the desire to see the country.

I know that God loves me. My mom told me so. And I know that God loves you.

Get out and enjoy the creation. Take the road less travelled.

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