Until I moved to South Dakota I had never heard of Red Flag Warning. But they are a common occurrence here in Pine Ridge. Red Flag Warnings come out when conditions are ripe for the spread of wildfires. Low humidity, High Winds and dry ground is a bad combination if a fire is sparked.

Yesterday, I was driving to the town of Hot Springs, and I saw the effects fire firsthand. There were roads blocked off by police, the was burned out land coming right up to the road. The smoke could be seen for miles before you saw any flames.

Fire is scary. Wind driven fire is even worse. Homes can be lost, lives can be changed. And you could be stuck helplessly watching the fire. Last year and this the open field south of our home caught fire. IN this case it was likely fireworks that started the fire. Literally the fire came within 30 yards of our home.

The Emergency Management team of the tribe does a wonderful job of protecting homes as they battle the blaze.

As you go about enjoying your summer vacations and traveling please be fire wise, watch your campfires, watch the little things that can spark the blaze that changes everything.

God charges us with caring for creation. And fire can be useful in restoring the life to the plains. But let the experts deal with them.

God loves you and so do I!

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