Yes, it is that time of year. The fireworks have been going for days and of course since today is the 4th the neighborhood is alive with the booms of fireworks. The dogs of course are not happy. At one point I was covered with all 4 dogs trying to get on me after a particularly loud house shaking bang.

Now I am not against fireworks in general. I love watching them explode. However, I do understand how they can affect people that have PTSD. I do not suffer from it and I have been startled. And the poor animals who have no idea what is happening. At one point I tried to get the dogs outside. They went out about 10 feet, BOOM and they came right back in.

The best PSA I saw was one from a First Responder who advised people to NOT hold a firework in their hand while they light it. The warned that you are NOT fast enough to throw it. And after a few beers you will be even slower. They went on to say that they, personally like treating burns but you may not like the treatment.

If you celebrate with fireworks, I hope you are careful. No firework is worth losing a hand. And I hope you can be respectful of your neighbors.

Happy 4th of July!

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