Neighbors in Solidarity

The Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center is a ministry of the South Dakota Synod of the ELCA. We are one of several non-traditional ministries supported by the Synod. What are Neighbors in Solidarity?

Across the South Dakota Synod, we have many specialized or supported ministries.  Each of these ministries proclaims the Gospel and carries out the mission of our church in a specific way – sometimes working with those who have no home, sometimes building a new faith community, sometimes working with prisoners.  We call these ministries “Neighbors in Solidarity” to celebrate that their work is our work, too.  Jesus calls us to imagine our neighbors in a broad sense, and we stand together – in solidarity – with these ministries to share the love of Christ.  These ministries are your ministries because we are the body of Christ together.

SD Synod Website.

It is a way that we are trying to reach out to people whom the ELCA does not normally reach. In my case our focus is on the Native American Population. We are based in the poorest county in the country and work with the Oglala Lakota population. We could not do this without the ongoing support of Bishop Hagmaier and the rest of the synod staff. Additionally, our partners in the Episcopal church and the Presbyterian Church help us to reach more people.

For more information on the NIS

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