One of the things missing in many lives in Pine Ridge is Hope. Hope is needed to see a future. Hope is what lets you hold on when things are tough. Hope is how you get through on a regular basis.

At the center we try to provide hope. We do so in a wide range of formats. Hope is a warm blanket to get someone through the night. Hope is a warm meal for a kid. Hope is a cup of coffee and conversation. Hope is kids finding people that genuinely care about them and their future.

Hope is a job that gives you a sense of dignity. The Job Corp allows people to work with us to serve the community. They do a wide range of tasks from maintaining the buildings, running the kids’ program to being the face of the center when people come asking for help.

The Center cannot work without the Job Corp. They are the heart of the center. Working for us gives people a chance to take care of their family. To have a sense of pride. Self-Respect. Hope.

This is why we hope to expand the Job Corp in the future to include a mentoring program to allow young adults to work with us and mentors from the Job Corp. To build life skills and get set up for a future in which they can take care of themselves. Where they can have hope for the future.

We need your help to build this dream. We cannot do this without support. We want to show the Lakota people that God loves them.

God loves you and so do I.

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