I made a simple post on the Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center’s FaceBook page. I mentioned that we need diapers. WOW.

The response has been spectacular. The simple post has been shared 67 times and viewed by over 6500 people. And based on messages I have received; help is coming from across the country. A person in Virgina sent over $20.00 another person from Massachusetts asked for our address. A friend from Mississippi is sending diapers along with a friend from Wisconsin. A friend from my old church, Atonement sent us what she could.

I am at our Synod Assembly in Sioux Falls and have had multiple people asked about getting us diapers. With many promises of help being on the way.

I will purchase some size 5 and 6 diapers on Sunday afternoon.

The response to our request is awesome. I am impressed by the generosity coming to the Lakota people from around the country. It warms my heart. It is showing; kindness, love, providing Joy! I hope the Lakota people will know that they are Loved!

If you would like to support the center in the work it does you may mail a check to:

Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center PO Box 862 Pine Ridge, SD 57770.

Or on our website pineridgereconciliationcenter.org

God Loves you and so to I.

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