Sometimes it is the little things that bring me peace.

For years I coached youth baseball. For years I was on the board with responsibility for the fields. One of my responsibilities was dragging the fields with the tractor to prepare the fields for a game. I enjoyed driving in circles.

When I moved to St Louis, I had no plans to coach again. As much as I missed baseball, I did not want to commit to the time commitment. But as is often the case I plan something and God laughs. I met Jackie and she came with the kids. (I am thrilled with the kids.) A few years later the boys were playing baseball and I got drawn back in. Within a couple of years I was once again back involved. And soon I was once again driving in circles.

Jackie soon learned that driving in circles is good for me. It helps me disconnect, to turn off my mind. Most of the time I am in my head dealing with problems, issues, and people. There is something that allows me to see issues from a different light.

Today was a beautiful day. I loaded up the riding mower into the trailer and brought it to the center to cut the grass. I drove in circles. I enjoyed the feel of the sun, the breeze…. You get it. I was able to find some peace in the middle of a hectic day. Later I took it to the Holy Cross Cemetery and spent time there. (I am on a mission to care for the cemeteries.)

My question is what do you do to find some peace?

Remember that God loves you and so do I.

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