This place can bring you down quickly. But I have found that IF I can focus on the good, the joyful, the positive I can stay happier. This is NOT to say that I will not have bad moments or down days. But rather I am going to control my reactions and see the laughter in the pain, the beauty in the world around us.

That said I am challenging myself to post for 7 days posting only positive items.

Green. The world around us is green. There is something special about driving through the rolling fields of the reservation this time of year. Jackie has said that the fields look like what she imagines what Ireland must look like. Perhaps we need to take a trip to see if Ireland is this green.

I had a long day on the road today, but it was so beautiful, so refreshing, so wonderful. I noticed it first on Sunday during a Walmart run. The air felt different. It was energizing. Today was even better. The life that is returning to the land is inspiring. In addition to the green rolling hills the trees are filling out and new life is being born, horses, calves, young Bison and Pronghorns abound.

Spring is an incredible reminder of God’s love for all of God’s creation.

God loves you and so do I.

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