Happy Birthday Jackie!!!

I am sitting in a hotel in the Chicago area. I am currently about 10 minutes from the house I will always consider home. I lived in the house for 25 years. I grew up in it and later bought it off my parents. I loved the neighborhood and particularly the 4th of July Celebration which we had a magnificent view of from our front yard.

I was highly active in the town, and I grew and changed as a person in so many ways. I learned a lot. It feels weird to be back in the area. I have been out of here for 24 years.

The main reason I came to Chicago was to see my family. This is my first time back in town since my mom’s funeral. I am flooded with memories. I always will be. I miss her so much. Later today I will meet with my sisters Laura and Elizabeth and my brother Mark. We will be meeting where my mom and stepdad met for the first time. It will be good to see them.

The sad part of today is it is Jackie’s Birthday. This is the second year in a row that I have been out of town for her birthday. Send her a birthday greeting!!! Happy Birthday to the best wife a guy can have.

Jackie is my support when the days get long. She is my harbor in the storm of life and anchor. She is my cheerleader and biggest supporter. She tells me when I am being an a…. and she is there for me when I am down. She makes my days better and I miss her when we are apart. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I will be stopping in to the Churchwide office to drop off a package. It will be my first time visiting there.

I am in town for 2 nights. Tomorrow, I will head to another church in Iowa.

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