I am currently on a multi state tour visiting some of the center’s supporters. On Sunday I will be preaching at a church in Cresco Iowa. On my way to a church in Excelsior MN I drove through some of the worst rain I have ever experienced. Between wind and driving rain I had to pull off the road several times since I could not see the road.

The storm spawned some tornado warnings in the area.

I safely arrived at my hotel. I only got wet running from the vehicle to the hotel. Power was knocked out around the hotel, but I was safe. I could sit by my window and watch the lightning show.

But as I sat there dry, warm, and safe I could not help but think about the homeless community that we serve. The night shelter is scheduled to close on Monday. If a storm like this hit Pine Ridge where would the homeless go? In fact, where did the homeless of this area go? Honestly even in the vehicle I was worried about how the storm could quickly worsen and perhaps break a window.

So the next time you see a homeless person. Ask yourself if you know where you would go in a storm? What if you become homeless? Homelessness is, at times, a choice. But, often kids are homeless too. They did not chose to become homeless. But they too have nowhere to go in the storm.

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