It has been a crazy week. A good week. A full week. I have a bunch of thoughts running through my head. SO reader be ware this is a random post.

Easter Sunday is a crazy week for any pastor. Having 4 worships in 4 churches and 10 baptisms is above average. But oh, so enjoyable.

2 funerals. Busy times get busier. But both families wanted the full Christian burial service. Sadly, both were younger than me. Female 52 and young man of 28 with 5 kids. Try to have a 9 year old girl “show” you her father in his casket. I do my best to bring comfort to the families. We are grateful that we can offer Joyner hall and funeral services in partnership with our Episcopal friends.

The day shelter was busy this week. This was compounded by staffing issues. 3 Key employees missed most of the week. Good reasons to miss for sure but it puts added stress on the remaining staff. Kids time is back in person and only 1 staff member crosses from youth side to the running of the center. The grant process moved forward, and we helped some people make positive decisions for their future. Fortunately, some of the shelter guests stepped up to help prepare and serve the meals. They even helped get 2 rooms ready for some guests.

We had some VIPs in our building for a couple of nights. I spent Friday taking them around town. We visited with several of our partners and spent a lot of time listening to the locals. We ended their visit with a visit to Darrin’s ranch and a chance to feed buffalo!

I did get a chance to take a short break on Thursday and visited our favorite coffee house and their house cat. Some biscuits and gravy hot the spot.

Today I woke to the sound of thunder, how far off I sat and wondered. Oh sorry that is a song. But we did start the day off with a thunder storm. Before I could head to Joyner Hall to open up for the funeral we had 2″ of wet heavy snow. And it kept coming. I went to the center to send off our guests and within minutes my truck was coated with another thick layer. Over 5 heavy inches fell and it continued throughout the day. It was 80 degrees yesterday and snow today!

Homelessness has stayed on my mind this week. I learned that over 4000 people are on the waiting list for a home. Most have families so the actual number is higher. This in a place that we, as a country, agreed to provide housing in exchange for peace.

Sometimes the magnitude of issues we face can be overwhelming. It is easy to want to throw up your hands and give up. You can become paralyzed into inaction trying to know where to start. But you pick one and begin. You try to stay focused on the important and critical issues. Sometimes, the unimportant issues scream for your attention.

My wife is coming home tomorrow. Yay! She has been in Colorado for some doctor visits. Fortunately, we have family there and she has been well taken care of. Thank you Chris!

Overall today was a light day. I did get some rest. Snow helps with that. The dogs and spent most of the day together in front of a fire.

I have been reminded all week that God loves me. God loves you and so do I!

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