4 Churches, 4 Celebrations.

It was a good day.

4 churches, 4 Celebrations, 4 communions, 3 meals, and 10 baptisms!

The tomb is open. Alleluia! The tomb is open not so that Jesus can get out but so the witnesses can get in! The witnesses went on to change the world. They took the good news of the resurrection of Jesus and told the world. Even when the world wanted to make them stop. They risked suffering, starvation, jail, and death. Yet, the enemy could not stop them from spreading the news. Jesus is alive, our Savior is risen, He is risen indeed.

Food made my day easier! Breakfast after the first worship here at Holy Cross Episcopal. Biscuits and Gravy! Coffee and a full meal including fried chicken and potato salads at Pine Ridge Presbyterian. Cookies at Advent Chapel (Episcopal) And Pulled Pork and Fry Bread at Makasan Presbyterian.

Conversation flowed at all 4 locations. I was thrilled with the turn out for the worships. I was able to sit and talk with many different people. And if you know me it will not shock you to know that I received many high fives from the kids in attendance. And we had kids! At all 4 worships.

The highlight of the day was chaos. Good chaos. 10 kids were brought into the church family, God’s family. (17 were scheduled but as is life on the reservation life gets in the way.) We did the first part of the worship service and then began the baptisms.

Now I love Advent Chapel. It is a wonderful country church. Old, Wooden, and inviting. But it is not the biggest place. And 10 kids and their families quickly filled the place. Some continued in and out throughout the worship service. We called them to the font by family and we had young kids to tiny infants. All dressed up for Easter! It was beautiful. They had decorated the church with streamers and balloons. They enjoyed watching me duck walking up and down the aisle.

It was good. It was the work of God. Baptisms of any kind are awesome. And I have had some memorable baptisms. But this was a special day.

God loves you and so do I! I am tired.

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