Racism is not okay.

Recently a hotel in Rapid City, The Grand Gateway Hotel, announced that it would no longer allow Native Americans to be on the property or in their restaurant. This is not okay, and the ownership is already back pedaling.

The thing is the Black Hills and Rapid City are located on land that is part of the treaty giving the Sioux tribes exclusive access to the area. It was illegally stolen when Gold was found in the Black Hills. Instead of enforcing the treaty, Custer and his soldiers removed the Natives.

To back up this claim the US Supreme Court sided with the tribes when they sued the United States. The tribes have not taken the money because they refuse to sell the hills.

On Wednesday there is a rally against Racism in Rapid CIty. People from all levels of society have spoken out against the comments made by the owners of this hotel.

Racism is wrong. There is no excuse for racist behavior, words, or actions. We must do better. There is no excuse to mistreat anyone. People deserve respect. Stereotypes must stop. Profiling must stop. We can do better. We must do better.

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