When you feel like you don’t matter.

This job is hard. It is harder when you do not feel supported. I am there today. I do not feel like some people I count on are listening to me. This is deflating and demoralizing. It makes it harder to do my job. And this job is hard enough. Feeling ignored is not healthy.

But, it does help me remember to listen to the people we work with on the reservation. Many of the people we work with have a story to tell and no one is listening to them. They simply want someone to listen to them. They want to know that their opinion matters. That others care that they are hurting.

Jesus was always working to bring people back into community. He would let people know that they matter. That he was hearing them. It is a basic human need to feel wanted. To belong. To fit in.

Now I am hurting but I will be fine. I have options. Many of the people I work with do not have the same privilege. They just must take what is handed to them. We try to listen. To let them know they count. I listen even if it is bad jokes or request frog leg soup. Funerals are a way to help. Other times it is sitting out front of the center having some coffee. Or staying after worship to listen to someone open to you about their life.

There are people in your life that need to be heard. To know that you are listening to them and not just there. They need to know that they matter. They ARE worthy of love, respect, acceptance, and care. Find them accept them. NO ONE should feel alone.

Maybe it is you who needs to feel these things. If so, I encourage you to change your circumstances and surround yourself with people that are there for you. Find your community.

You are a child of God! Go out and SHINE. The world needs the you that God created you to be! God created you to do wonderful things.

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