It was a Sunday! Three worship services today.

The day started with a Worship scheduled for 9:00 at Holy Cross where I live. Before the service started a donor came by with over 40 quilts! I loaded them in the truck and went in to get ready for worship.

Worship went well even if it was a small congregation. But Christ was present. Communion was served and the word was heard. Quilts were given out.

Moved over to the center and prepared coffee for the shelter and the church. I hired some of the street people to pick up the trash at both churches. I reviewed my sermon and prepared for worship.

Worship happened at the Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church. Good crowd. Once again, the Word was given. Food was served and fellowship was had.

After a brief break it was time to head to Makasan!

Third worship of the day. Great crowd and a baptism to boot! Lunch to follow and some maintenance work to get ready for a meeting.


Time to do laundry, clean the kitchen, and do some yard work. Rest. Time playing with the dogs. Oh yes, and a liturgical nap. Dinner and some reading and it is time for bed!

I am constantly reminded that God loves us.

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