Road trip

One of the things I enjoy is seeing new places. I spent the last 3 days driving across Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona to meet Jackie in Utah. Now at time the scenery was incredible. At other times the weather was to so bad I could only focus on the road directly in front of me.

But today I saw Lake Powell for the first time and the dam that created it. I saw red rocks of the Navaho reservation. I saw monument valley of the movie fame. I visited the Grand Staircase National Monument. Yesterday I saw the Great Sand dune in the mountains of Colorado.

This world has many beautiful places. For too much of my life I did not travel beyond the upper Midwest. And as much as I love that area it is not all that there is in this country. I have a goal to see as many of the National Parks, Monuments, wildlife areas etc.

This week Jackie and I will visit 2 more National Parks. Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. I will likely do a quick visit or 2 at some places on my way back to Pine Ridge. This fall I hope that Jackie and I can spend some time at Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.

We are fortunate that living in Pine Ridge, we are within a couple of hours of 2 National parks, 4 National Monuments, and an incredible state park.

Where ever you are go outside and see this wonderful world.

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