Man plans God laughs

Jackie and I had been planning to take a trip to Kanab Utah. She is attending a Photography conference on Outdoor photography. She took off early and traveled the southwest prior to arriving at the conference. I drove separately and planned to meet her in Kanab.

So of course, as I looked at travel arrangements, hotels, routes and stops, I noticed that a winter storm was on the way. Instead of heading west through Wyoming I ended up heading south to go around the storm.

After a night in Denver, I continued south with the intent of heading into New Mexico to head west. But after driving in the sun all day and no sign of the storm I chose to head west in Colorado. After a great stop at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, I continued west on Route 160 heading to Pagosa Springs.

The truth is I honestly felt I should head to New Mexico but with the addition of 3 hours I chose to head west. I should have listened to my gut.

One moment I was driving through this:

Then a little later I was facing this:

To be clear I could not see much off the sides of the road. And I was following the markers for some of the trip. I crossed through the Wolf Creek Pass. I topped out at 10,500 feet. I descended over 2000 feet in less than 9 miles. I was grateful that I had 4-wheel drive.

I arrived safely at my hotel and called Jackie to let her know I was safe at my hotel.

I am next time I will listen to God talking to me through my gut.

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