Doctor Doctor

Well, I completed my medical trifecta today.

First was a Dentist a month ago where I got a clean check “Yay no cavities”. Followed by the Eye Doctor where I got new glasses and new sunglasses. But the diabetic eye check came back clean!

Today was the Doctor Doctor. I was with my previous Doctor for 22 years but, felt it was like time to have a doctor in the area. I like Dr. Luke and the whole team I met with. We agreed to take me off one of my medicines for diabetes. My blood pressure has improved, and we may remove that med from my list.

I have been more active since I came to Pine Ridge. I move more, walk more, and stay more active. I also have less stress. Well, more stress but it is a different stress. Previously I was working multiple jobs and now I find more time to be with Jackie.

I know that I am fortunate to be able to get quality healthcare.

I ended the day leading a moving Ash Wednesday worship at Holy Cross. Rev Asa and Mother Rhoda helped with the service. We had 18 people in attendance, including 4 kids. I am looking forward to Palm Sunday and Easter worship.

It was a good day.

God loves you and so do I.

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