For years I have worked. A lot. At one point I was in a seminary and worked three jobs. I have always been busy. And Pine Ridge is no slower. Yes, I only work for the center. Well and lead worship at the Presbyterian Churches. Oh, and at Holy Cross.

Usually when I get time off work, I have projects to do around the house or I am doing something with Jackie. Today was no different. Jackie is out of town exploring the world. She is in California tonight. I only ran to the post office for work. But I got several projects done around the house.

I struggle to find something to do with myself. I find myself sitting around. For years I have tried to find a hobby for myself. Jackie has her camera and loves to go out to take pictures. For more on her adventure https://onewomanonecameraamillionstories.home.blog

Tonight, I spent time on a hobby. I have always enjoyed model trains. Jackie bought me a set for my birthday last year and this year it was some buildings. I spent time tonight, not focused on the business of the center, nor on the many projects that need to be done at the center, or one of the churches. I spent time building a plastic church.

It was nice to disconnect my brain for a little while. I miss being able to do something that focuses my mind on something different. Back in my coaching days I loved being able to work on a ball field. Driving circles cleared my mind. It is amazing what comes to me when I am not focused on the problems I face.

I now God loves me, and a hobby is a way to provide self-care to my mental health.

God loves you. Do something fun.

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