There is something about returning home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love travelling. I love seeing new things, new places. But I always enjoy coming home. There is comfort found at home that you cannot find anywhere else. Perhaps, it is your bed or your favorite chair. IN my case I love the welcome I get from the dogs. Momma Dog, Boomer, Star and Pepe always greet me with excitement when I get home.

Now I had a great trip. Quality time with Jackie is always great but doing it in the mountains in a winter storm was a bonus. Plus, we got together with my brother, Chris. Ate some incredible food and stayed at an excellent B&B. Romantic Riversong took great care of us.

There is something about the mountains that calls to me. There is a sense of peace that comes over me in the mountains. God spoke to me and refreshed me. I found my thin place. Even if most of the water was frozen it called me to rest.

I hope you can regularly get to your thin place and connect with God. God loves you and so do I.

One response to “Home!”

  1. I lived near the foot of the mountains near Golden, Colorado for several years. There is nothing like the feeling of entering the foothills and moving on to the mountains. I really miss it and try to get back to visit and explore every few years.


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