Thin Place

I am looking forward to some time off. Jackie and I have plans for a couple of trips. I love getting out in nature to spend some time getting closer to God. Nature is a thin place for me. A place where I feel close to God.

My all-time favorite place is in Colorado at Mount Evans. There is a parking lot most of the way up the mountain where you can park next to a pond. This parking lot is the start of multiple hiking trails. And someday I will go hiking there. But my favorite thing to do is to sit on the edge of one of the cliffs. My feet dangling and Denver off in the distance.

There is a valley below my spot. There are ponds, fields, roads, and creeks. Often you can see animals in the fields. I can sit there for hours. I just sit. I let me mind wander and I ask God to speak to me. To call my name.

Our next couple of trips are not going to Mount Evans. It is closed for the season. But we will be visiting multiple National Parks in several states. I am sure we will see Elk and we hope for Moose. We will see Mountains and high plains. We will see small towns and cities.

But time in Nature restores me. It renews me. It is self-care. Something I struggle with. But to do this ministry well I need to be refreshed.

God loves you and so do I.

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