Another trip around the sun.

I have successfully completed another trip around the sun. Today marks my birthday. It has been an incredible year filled with highs and lows. Triumphs and tragedy. But I am glad I had friends and family to help me make it through.

COVID is still shutting things down and a return to “normal” seems a long way off. But is it a new normal for today? The center still offers ministry to and with the people of Pine Ridge. We miss having groups onsite. But the building is full of life. The Kids time ministry is feeding 130 kids per week. And delivering snacks and activities. We are feeding more people than ever.

We are operating the building as a day shelter, and it is full most days. People are coming in and out. They enjoy the hot meals and snacks the Job Corp provides. The Grant team is working hard to rehouse people as quickly as we can.

There have been bumps. We have had to put some ministry on hold and retool others. We have lost some staff and helped others move on to bigger and better. We brought in some new people who are doing great work and old friends continue to serve.

Worship continues and is growing. I enjoy leading worship at all 3 churches, and I particularly enjoy being able to speak about the center when I visit other churches. Letting others know about the God work being done in Pine Ridge gives me a spark.

I miss my kids. I have not seen them in 10 months. But they are growing up before me and have lives of their own to live. I am proud of them. But I wish they would visit.

I miss the rest of my family. Mostly I miss mom.

But in the last year I have been blessed to see some beautiful country. God has created some beautiful places. We just need to pause and take it in. Get outside!!!

I have also been blessed to be around some of the most incredible people. People who genuinely care about others. And the homeless people we work with have stories to share. They have changed me forever.

I make it through each day because I know that God has called me to this place. To these wonderful people.

God love you and so do I.

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