Super Bowl ads everyone is talking about

I was checking email and I saw the above headline as clickbait on an email. It was for a local TV station back in St Louis. It got me to think about how much your perspective changes when your life changes.

We did not watch the Super Bowl last night. There I admitted it.

I did not care who won, though if pressed I would have preferred the Bengals. (It is a St. Louis Thing.) But it also is, in part, that as I get older the less, I care about sports, movies etc. Perhaps it is because I deal in real life so often that I cannot get worked up if “my team” is better than “your team”. Yes, I still have “my teams” and I do follow them enough to have a conversation. But my days are no longer influenced by the results of games.

I would rather hear about what my kids are doing, Sam’s latest climbing session, Nick’s plans for travel and Emily’s latest fun school activity are more interesting. Closer to home I would rather sit with Jackie listening to music and sharing fun things we found on the internet then sit and watch a sporting event.

And in part my lack of interest was in the idea that to watch it I would either have to pay for a streaming service or pay for cable TV. Out here antennas are not enough to pick up the distant stations.

People matter. Experience’s matter. Things are less important.

Who won? I don’t care.

I do care that God Loves me and you.

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